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  Porto Adriano Reserva (pdf)

Adriano Reserva

This is the wine of the founder of Casa Ramos Pinto. The wine which conquered Brazil to such an extent that Port Wine became known simply as "Adriano".
It is a blend of 6 to 7 year old wines, aged in wood. Its colour is brick-red in the meniscus with a few shades of red in the centre of the glass. An option lying between youth and old age.
In it you can enjoy the flavours of fresh grapes as well as of dried fruits, acquired through the ageing process in oak casks.
It can be served as an aperitif, a starter, or even at the end of the meal.
It was, maybe, due to this versatility that it conquered Brazil.

Grapes varieties: Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca.
Conservation: Store the bottle upright in a cool, dark place
Temperature: 16º to 18ºC
Food pairing and serving suggestions:
Melon with ham
Red fruit desserts
Fondant of fig with goat’s cheese sorbet


- 2 Gold Medals - International Wine Competition, Revista de Vinhos, 2000/2006, Portugal

Serving suggestions

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